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Faculty integral to instilling integrity within academic reformMyles Brand

By Myles Brand
February 14, 2005

In the years it has taken to develop and adopt enhanced standards that hold institutions accountable for the academic progress and graduation of student-athletes, one truth has remained constant: Academic reform is not a solitary endeavor.

Indeed, successfully enacting and implementing the sweeping measures in effect for Division I requires buy-in and oversight from almost every level of higher education — from presidents and chancellors to conference commissioners and athletics directors to coaches and student-athletes, and — importantly — to faculty members on each campus. Read more at…


“COIA members deserve credit for having researched and consulted widely about intercollegiate athletics, and these serious proposals aimed at improving the academic integrity in college sports are indicative of that effort.” — Myles Brand, 2005

Myles Brand

by Bob Eno, former Chair, COIA
Fall 2009 COIA Newsletter

When Myles Brand became President of the NCAA in 2003, he undertook to transform that association into an agent of change that could enable academic leaders to address the need for serious reform in college sports. In office he asserted the primacy of the academic mission and implemented the first sustained attempt to link success in athletics to academic integrity. His death on September 16 is a blow to all who, like COIA, endorsed this commitment to reform and hoped to see an expansion of that vision. Brand was a great friend of COIA and he met frequently with COIA members and representatives. Many of us feel his death as a personal loss. Read more here…

“[T]he COIA Steering Committee has pledged to the NCAA Executive Committee that COIA will remain ready to support them in working towards President Brand’s vision of intercollegiate athletics as a truly constructive enhancement of our academic mission” — Bob Eno, 2009

Brand’s commitment to academic reform

By Michelle Brutlag Hosick The NCAA News

From the first weeks of his presidency, Myles Brand was a champion for the student-athlete, dedicated to enhancing the academic environment and eliminating the phrase “dumb jock” from the American perception.

His commitment to academic excellence changed the culture of college sports to emphasize the importance of classroom performance as well as competitive success. Read more at…

Read the NCAA’s tribute to Myles Brand: “A Legacy of Leadership”

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