Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics

The Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) is an organization representing the elected faculty governance bodies of FBS universities in activities related to the administration and governance of intercollegiate athletics.

COIA’s mission is to promote the academic integrity of our universities, and to represent the interests of our faculties, non-athlete students and student-athletes in matters related to college sports that can significantly affect the health, sustainability and educational missions of our institutions.

COIA aims to accomplish these by assisting the governance of intercollegiate athletics on our campuses through data collection, information sharing and the development of best practices; partnering with peer-faculty and other organizations on our common interests; and also by providing a constructive, responsible and informed representative faculty voice at the conference and national (NCAA) levels.

March 2014


Download as PDF – COIA Mission Statement 2014

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