Feel free to download these files during the workshop as well as afterward


Lower Thirds and End Credit – click to download (right click if that doesn’t work)

Final Instructions before you finish

Google Doc info – Fill this out!!!


Adobe Premiere CC An introduction to editing with Premiere CC 2017

Adobe Premiere CC – another tutorial, this one built by Curt for Premiere CC 2017

Photo Mechanic Basics An introduction to using PhotoMechanic

Photoshop Basics A basic introduction to using Photoshop CC 2017



GoPro VR Player FREE (desktop viewer for looking at 360 VR video)


DJ1 Stabilizer for smartphones $299

Zoom H1 Audio Recorder $79-99

Rode SmartLav (lav mic for smartphones) $77

SONY MDR7506 headphones $77

Smartphone Tripod Adapter $8

A website for public radio producers. We can learn a LOT from them
The backstory to great radio storytelling. Subscribe to the podcast.  This show let’s us hear how to interview a tough subject and not back down.


Out On A Wire
Great look at how the best podcasts are made – inspiration read on storytelling and interviewing

In The Blink Of An Eye
Brilliant book on editing video by the amazing Walter Murch

Great Big Story
Lots of wonderful short video stories 

Alex Blumberg on storytelling
Public radio producer’s manifesto on storytelling

Ira Glass on anecdote and reflection
This American Life’s creator on what makes a good story

Seinfeld on writing a joke
Well produced and revealing interview with Seinfeld. Replace writing a joke with telling a story and it becomes a manifesto for us

Clues To A Great Story
Wonderful TED Talk on storytelling by Pixar’s Andrew Stanton

Visual Storytelling
Solid summary of what it takes to shoot a video documentary from Duke University


How to sequence
Some solid tutorials on shooting video. The first one, “3 over 1 Rule” is a good explanation of how to sequence


Maisie Crow
The amazing photographer turned film maker. Beautiful audio, visuals and stories

Reality Radio
Another book. Interviews with some of the best audio storytellers in existence. 

Capturing Reality
Short interviews with scores of documentary filmmakers. Searchable by themes. Great stuff

Among the best podcasts. Amazing use of sound. Great storytelling

The Moth
Live storytelling. Great lessons on how to construct a story that keeps our attention

Beautiful and powerful work on a consistent basis

NY Times Op-Docs
A wide range of creative video storytelling.